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Mini Branding Pack

  • Logo Design: Craft a unique and memorable logo that represents your brand identity.

  • Color Palette Selection: Choose a cohesive color scheme that resonates with your brand's personality and values.

  • Font Selection: Select fonts that complement your logo and enhance your brand's visual identity.

  • Brand Guidelines: Create a basic set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency in your visual communication across different platforms

Max Branding Pack

  • Comprehensive Brand Strategy: Develop a holistic branding strategy that aligns with your business goals and target audience.

  • Logo Design and Brand Identity System: Design a versatile logo and establish a cohesive brand identity system, including variations, submarks, and usage guidelines.

  • Visual Assets Creation: Produce additional visual assets such as business cards, letterheads, social media graphics, and packaging designs.

  • Brand Storytelling: Craft compelling brand narratives and messaging that resonate with your audience and convey your unique story.

  • Brand Guidelines Manual: Create a detailed brand guidelines manual covering all aspects of your brand's visual identity, tone of voice, and brand positioning for consistent brand representation




Mini Web & App Design Pack

  • User Interface (UI) Design: Design intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for your website and mobile app.

  • Wireframing: Create basic wireframes outlining the layout and structure of key pages for both web and app platforms.

  • Prototype Development: Develop interactive prototypes to visualize the user flow and functionality of your web and app designs.

Max Web & App Design Pack

  • Comprehensive Design Strategy: Formulate a comprehensive design strategy tailored to your target audience and business objectives.

  • User Experience (UX) Design: Conduct in-depth user research and design seamless user experiences for both web and app platforms.

  • High-Fidelity Mockups: Design high-fidelity mockups with polished visual elements and detailed interactions for both web and app interfaces.

  • Responsive Design: Ensure your website and app designs are responsive across various devices and screen sizes for optimal user experience.

  • User Testing: Conduct user testing sessions to gather feedback and iterate on your designs, ensuring they meet user needs and expectations



Mini NFT & Metaverse Pack

  • NFT Conceptualization: Brainstorm and conceptualize ideas for NFT collections aligned with your brand or artistic vision.

  • Basic NFT Design: Create simple yet eye-catching designs for NFT assets, including static images or basic animations.

  • Metaverse Exploration: Begin exploring entry points into the metaverse space, such as virtual worlds or decentralized platforms

Max NFT & Metaverse Pack

  • NFT Collection Development: Develop a comprehensive NFT collection strategy, including conceptualization, design, and rarity planning.

  • Advanced NFT Design: Craft sophisticated and unique NFT designs, including dynamic animations, interactive elements, and 3D assets.

  • Metaverse Integration: Dive deep into the metaverse ecosystem, exploring opportunities for brand presence, virtual events, and immersive experiences.

  • Community Engagement: Develop strategies to engage with the NFT and metaverse community, building hype around your collections and fostering a strong community presence.

  • Monetization Strategies: Explore monetization opportunities within the metaverse, such as virtual real estate, in-world commerce, and digital asset trading.




  • Customized Hourly Consulting: Unlock personalized guidance and expertise for your business development and idea implementation, with flexible hourly sessions designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

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